2022 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship Round.9 Pirelli Portuguese Round
FIM Supersport 300 World Championship Round.8 Race Report

Result / Superpole “DNS”


Race Report

The final Round of the 2022 World Supersport 300, the Portugal round kicked off on October 7 at the Algarve International Circuit in Portimao. In the previous round, Okaya took his first win of this season and climbed to the highest spot on the podium. He entered this tournament under clear autumn skies, hoping to continue on this good trend and win even more.

FP1 started on Friday, the first day of this round. The temperature was comfortable at 23 degC and the track temperature was 27 degC. A minute into the session, he entered the track, watching his rivals' moves. He got an early response by setting the 5th fastest and then concentrating on checking the machine until the end of the session.

At 14:25 on the same day, FP2 began with the temperature at 27 degC and the track temperature at 43 degC, making it feel a bit hot. He carefully improved his time due to the high track temperature. After riding three laps, he tried to improve his time further but crashed hard at the fourth corner. He was unable to move from the trackside due to severe pain, and the session was temporarily red-flagged and he was taken to the medical center. He was then taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a fracture of the left clavicle and scapula. He was therefore forced to miss the Superpole and the race and finished the last race of the season with a sense of disappointment.


Result / WorldSBK web site FP2

2022 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship Round.8 Catalunya Round
FIM Supersport 300 World Championship Round.7 Race Report

Result / Superpole “3th” Best Time “1'56.528”
Race1 “WIN” Best time “1'55.978” / Race2 “13th” Best Time “1’56.131”


Race Report

On September 23-25, the Catalunya round of the 2022 World Supersports 300 was held at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Okaya was unable to compete in the race in France two weeks ago due to crashing in the early stages of qualifying. With regret in his heart, he challenged this races to win.

A medical check on Thursday determined that he fitted to race, and he started FP1 on Friday as scheduled. Under clear autumn skies, he continued to run well. In FP2, he simulated riding in a group for the Superpole, setting up the machine and his own condition.

The Superpole started at 9:45 am on Saturday. The temperature was 18 degC, the track temperature was 20 degC, and light rain late at night left a few wet patches on the track surface. He entered the course about 4 minutes after the start and cautiously continued to run laps. He improved his time little by little with each lap, and 10 minutes before the end of the session, he improved his time even more as his rivals began to improve their times one after another. As a result, he continued to improve his time until the last lap, finishing the Superpole in the 3rd.

Race 1 started at 12:40 under cloudy skies with a slightly chilly temperature of 21 degC and track temperature of 26 degC. Starting from the front row, he jumped into the first corner in the top and led the race among the top group. With 3laps to go, the battle between the top groups became even more intense ,and he has dropped back to 11th. However, he showed tenacity and gradually worked his way back up the order, entering the final lap in 4th. He also made several great overtaking maneuvers, passing the second on the last corner and crossing the finish line at the top. As a result, he won a hard-fought battle to take his first win of the season.

Just after 3:00 pm on the final day, Race 2 kicked off in the warmest weather of the race week with a temperature of 23 degC and a track surface temperature of 41 degC. He got a good start. He entered the lead group and took the lead on lap 3. His rivals were tough, and he dropped back to 9th on lap 4. After that, as the top went into a solo run, he chased the top from the second group. In the midst of many fierce battles, he raced calmly, bouncing back and forth between second and eighth place. However, with two laps to go, during a fierce battle in which the positions changed from corner to corner, his machine touched another machine at turn 6. He almost crashed, but quickly recovered his posture and was able to avoid crashing. As a result, he dropped to the 21st position, but he never gave up and passed the machines in front of him one after another. He then took the checkered flag in 13th and was able to finish the race in the points.


・Comments from Yuta Okaya

Finally, I was able to celebrate our first win of the season. I was very happy. During this race week, I was able to follow my strategy for most of the week and the machine was in great condition, so I was able to enjoy the race. In Race 2, I could not finish on the podium, but when my machine touched another machine, I was able to recover my machine's posture without crashing, which gave me more confidence in my riding. Also this weekend, a Japanese rider won the MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix. That was a very happy event for me. It was a nice weekend. I hope to continue this good trend and win the two races in Portugal, which will be the last round of this season.

Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE RACE1 RACE2

2022 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship Round.7 Pirelli French Round
FIM Supersport 300 World Championship Round.6 Race Report

Result / Superpole “Not Qualified”


Race Report

The Pirelli French Round of the 2022 World Supersport 300 kicked off on September 9. Okaya had competed in the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race in Japan in August, and this was his first race after switching from a 1000cc machine to the Ninja 400 again. He fought as hard as he could to win, despite dealing with a different machine.

Friday, FP1 began under sunny skies with lots of clouds. The temperature was a chilly 18 degC and the track temperature was 22 degC in dry conditions. He crashed with 4 minutes left in the session, but managed to set the 4th fastest time. His body was not badly damaged, so the machine was repaired and he went out for FP2 in the afternoon. In FP2, the track surface turned wet due to the rain that fell after FP1, he drove carefully and got the third fastest time. He was off to a great start for the Superpole the next day.

On Saturday, the Superpole took place at 9:45. The temperature was a chilly 17 degC, the same as the previous day, and the track temperature was 21 degC in dry conditions. He entered the track immediately after the start of the session, but high-sided at turn 7 on the first lap and crashed hard, hitting his head hard. He got up on his own, but this crash gave him a concussion. As a result, he was deemed medically unfit to compete in the following races and unfortunately could not help sitting out Race1 and Race2.


・Comments from Yuta Okaya

I had a high-side crash on the first lap of qualifying. Maybe the tire temperature was a little low. I then went to medical for a check-up and they ruled it a concussion and I was unable to compete in the race. It's very frustrating because I've been doing so well since Friday. The next round is in Catalunya, which is my specialty, so I will only aim for a win. First of all, I would like to be in perfect physical condition by the week after next. Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE

”FIM Endurance World Championship, the 43rd Coca-Cola Suzuka 8 Hours,” 「Kawasaki Plaza Racing Team」SST class WIN


Race Report

Release / Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan WEB site https://www.kawasaki-motors.com/mc/2022suzuka8h/

2022 MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship Round.6 Prosecco DOC Czech Round
FIM Supersport 300 World Championship Round.5 Race Report

Result / Superpole “22th” Best Time “1'51.046”
Race1 “20th” Best time “1'54.673” / Race2 “7th” Best Time “1’46.743 “


Race Report

On July 29, The Prosecco DOC Czech Round of the 2022 World Supersport 300 started. Autodrom Most is a new track in the WorldSBK calendar from 2021. It is a popular circuit for many motor enthusiasts and their families from the whole of Europe. Okaya challenged this race for his first win at the Autodrom Most.

The first day of this race was cloudy. However the temperature was 23 degC and it was comfortable. He ran a lot and got the hang of it that day in two free practices because it was his second race here after last year. As a result, in FP2, he further improved on his FP1 time and finished the first day in 14th position (1'47.117).

The second day, the Superpole started at 9:45. Due to the rain in the early morning, the track surface was wet in places. However, the running began, the track surface gradually dried out and the conditions became more and more difficult. Most of the riders started this session on rain tires, but after that, each rider had to choose his own tires after checking the road surface. He chose to change tires early and came into the pits. However, the team took time to change the tires and lost time, so only the rear tires were changed and went out again. The qualifying session was coming to an end, but he pushed hard and finished 22nd (1'51.046) in the Superpole.

In the afternoon of the same day, Race 1 started with the temperature 18 degC, the track temperature 23 degC, and dry conditions. However, the rain started to fall as soon as the sighting lap started and soon stopped, making for difficult track conditions. As a result, he and the other members of MTM Kawasaki switched to rain tires on the grid, as instructed by the team manager. He and his teammates then had to fight the 12-lap race on rain tires. He got a good start and was 17th on the first lap and pushed even harder. However, the track surface was getting drier and drier. Multiple crashes occurred at the mercy of difficult road conditions. Even under such circumstances, he moved up to 15th on the second lap. But then he lost a few positions and by lap 10 he was 21st. Still, he did not give up and kept pushing then he finished in 20th place (1'54.673). This race was at the mercy of the weather and track conditions. The final day was a hot and sunny day, a complete change from the previous two days. He showed great performance in the warm-up session held in the morning, setting the 5th fastest time (1'46.432) in this session. He made good progress in his preparation for Race 2.

Race 2 started just after 3pm(the temperature 27 degC, the track temperature 38 degC). But, the race incident occurred on the home straight just after the start of the race, and as a result, race was red flag on the first lap. 3:39 pm, the race was reduced from 14 laps to 9 laps and restarted. He started from 22nd on the grid and pushed hard from the beginning. As if to make up for yesterday's disappointment, he moved up to 17th on the first lap, and then 11th on the third lap. It was an intense race with a series of crashes, however he set the fastest on lap 4, and by lap 5, he moved up to 7th and joined the 2nd place group. He pushed further, but his rival crashed on the seventh lap, and the red flagged again. At this point, two-thirds of the race distance had been completed and the race was over. He finished the race in 7th place (1’46.743).


・Comments from Yuta Okaya

This time my condition was good, but a lot of irregularities came and I was at the mercy of many things. I personally felt that it ended with incomplete combustion. My machine was fast and I was confident that if I could take advantage of it I could win. That is why I was so disappointed in this race. In the second half of the season starting in September, I will do my best to get back on the podium.

Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE RACE1 RACE2

2022 FIM Superbike World Championship Round.3 Estoril Round
World Supersport300 Round.3 Race Report

Result / Superpole “1th” Best Time “1'50.476”
Race1 “3th” Best time “1'51.113” / Race2 “8th” Best time “1'52.013”


Race Report

The Estoril round of the 2022 World Supersport 300 has started. Last year, the race in Portugal was held in Portimao. Therefore, it had been one year and seven months since the last race in Estoril, and that was the second time for Okaya. The last time in Estoril was in trouble. But he was challenged to make further progress in this round.

The first day was a blue sky in the morning, but clouds increased in the afternoon. The weather forecast was downhill towards Sunday. He made the most of the time in FP1 and FP2 to set up the machine and improve his lap times. He then prepared to take full advantage of the machine.

The next day's qualifying session was 18 degC and the track temperature was 24 degC. It was chilly than the previous day. Although it was cloudy, the surface conditions were dry. A few seconds into the session, he and his teammates entered the course. He ran alone and improved his time, but he couldn't get to the top. With three minutes to go, he found a pack in front of him and entered it. He then used the slipstream to improve his time more. As a result, with one minute remaining, he set the course record and took the top (1'50.476). It was his first pole position of the season.

12:41 on the same day, Race1 started. He made a good start, but many rivals tried to overtake him. A fierce battle at the first corner caused two rivals to crash behind, and it was the beginning of an aggressive 12-laps race. He was up and down between 1st and 3rd on the first lap. But then he dropped down to 10th on the fourth lap. Meanwhile, the leaders and second broke away from the pack, and he had to fight for third place. He took place in the pack's top position following a series of daring overtakes and gripping head-to-heads. Furthermore, he pulled away from the that, and he ran alone on 3rd. As it was, he crossed the finish line and finished on the podium in 3rd place (1'51.113).

On the final day, it was raining until dawn, so the warm-up session in the morning was held in wet conditions. After that, it lightly rained occasionally, but the weather did not change significantly. Race2 started at 15:16. The humidity was as high as 83 degrees, the temperature was 18 degC, and the sky was cloudy. The race was held in dry conditions, but it was a difficult condition where the grip changed depending on the location. After the start, he was in second place going through the first corner, and got the fastest lap in the battle for the top. A fierce side-by-side battle continued, and the race proceeded to the end as a group. Because both rivals and he finished the machine in Race 2 more than in Race 1, the surface conditions were difficult. He was in the lead group into the last lap, and the battle was so fierce that the machines made contact with each other. He pushed hard and took the checkered flag in eighth place. It was a single finish (1'52.013).


・Comments from Yuta Okaya

I was very happy to be in pole position for the first time this season and also to break the course record. I knew the potential of the machine was very good, but I did not expect it to break the course record. I was very surprised. In Race 1, I could finish on the podium, but I also felt frustrated because I wished I had been able to break away from the pack faster. But it was good to run alone and I was able to pull away from 4th rivals. In Race 2, I was second or third at the beginning of the race, but then I lost a few positions. I thought it was because on this circuit, more than on other circuits, we could use the slipstream. My rivals used slipstream because I could not pull away from them. I thought this race was not like me this time around. The next race is in Misano, Italy. The condition of the machine is getting better than in the opening round, so I will correct the reflection of this race point and aim for the double podium in the next round.

Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE RACE1 RACE2

2022 FIM Superbike World Championship Round.2 Motul Dutch Round
World Supersport300 Round.2 Race Report

Result / Superpole “13th” Best Time “1'50.062”
Race1 “4th” Best time “1'49.495” / Race2 “3rd” Best time “1'49.465”


Race Report

The Motul Dutch round of the 2022 World Supersport 300 was started on April 22th at the TT Circuit Assen. This circuit is the home course of Okaya's team(MTM Kawasaki) and one of his best courses. He had a crash in Aragon, but he changed his mind and went for his first podium of the season in this race.

FP1 started at 9:45 a.m. under clear blue skies with a chilly temperature of 11 degC. He began running about 15 minutes after the start of the session, given the number of tires available during this round and the low track temperatures. His times improved with each lap, and two minutes before the end of the session, he was 5th fastest(1'49.740). In FP2 held on the afternoon of the same day, he further improved his time and got the 2nd(1'49.270), which was a good response for the Superpole.

On Saturday, the Superpole started about 3 minutes behind schedule(the temperature was 12 degC and the track temperature 17 degC) . It was a tumultuous start as a crash occurred right at the start. It was a windy day and there was a strong headwind on the back straight. Therefore, he and his rivals couldn't set good times when running alone. So, he decided to use the slipstream to improve his lap times. However, the pace of the rivals running in front and behind him prevented him from improving his time as much as he would have liked, and he finished in 13th(1'50.062).

Race 1 was held in pleasant weather with a temperature 16 degC(the track temperature 27 degC). He started from the 5th row and gradually worked his way up to 5th by lap five. He then moved up to third and took the top position in the second group. However, his rivals were formidable. He was in many battles with many rivals at every corner. So he changed positions many times, and he dropped down to 6th on four laps to go. The third position's rival was right in front of him, so he didn't give up and pushed hard, but just missed the podium, finishing in 4th place(1'49.495).

In the warm-up session on the morning of the final day, he set the fastest time of this session from the first lap. But, He crashed hard on the third lap. Fortunately, he was not injured, and the damage to his machine was not serious.

Race 2 started 15 minutes later than scheduled due to another rider crashing heavily on the sighting lap. He made a good start setting the fastest lap on lap third and taking the lead on lap fifth. The number of machines in the top group remained between 10 and 15, and the fierce, super-close battle continued. He continued to change positions many times between the top and 11th, but never gave up and continued to push hard. The race was so intense that machines touched each other and entered the final lap. He moved up to 3rd place in the final sector, and he held on to take the checkered flag, getting his first 3rd place podium finish of the season(1'49.465).

・Comments from Yuta Okaya

In Race1, I made several mistakes and couldn't catch the leaders. It was a tough race that didn't go my way, but I thought it was good that get 4th despite that. In Race2, I finally got my first podium of the season. I learned from my Race 1 mistakes, pushed aggressively and was able to hold onto the lead position. I thought it was a great race. Of course, I wanted to win, but it was a very intense race, so I was happy to haven't crashed and gotten the podium.I will aim to win the next round.

Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE RACE1 RACE2

2022 FIM Superbike World Championship Round.1 Pirelli Aragon Round
World Supersport300 Round.1 Race Report

Result / Superpole “5th” Best Time “2'07.293”
Race1 “5th”Best time “2'06.647” / Race2 “DNF”


Race Report

The 2022 World Supersport 300 kicked off on April 8th at the Motorland Aragon Circuit in Spain. At this circuit, a two-day Dorna-Supported Test was conducted from April 4th. Okaya set the 2nd fastest on Day 2 and his lap times were very impressive. He challenged this race to win the championship in 2022.

The weather conditions were fine from the first day, and the surface conditions were dry. He devoted himself to checking the feel of the machine on the first day. At FP2, He did a qualifying simulation and decided on the setting and strategy.

Saturday, Superpole started at 9:45. After entering the course, he watched the movements of his rivals and ran carefully to get the best place in the group. Before the end of the session, he got 5th using the slipstream as he was aiming(2'07.289).

Race1 started at 12:41 on the same day in the strong wind(the temperature 15 degC and the track temperature 26 degC). He started from the second row grid, and he was running in the top group at the beginning of the race. On this day, there was a tailwind on the back straight and a headwind on the home straight. Therefore, in Race 1, it was important to keep track of the direction of the wind. On the fourth lap, he moved up to 3th and pushed hard for the top. But then, as the leaders and second broke away from the pack, he lost a few positions in the third group. Toward the end of the race, the battle for position intensified, and he and his rivals swapped positions several times. On the final lap, he drop down to 9th, but he never gave up and pushed hard, overtaking his rivals and finished in 5th(2'06.647).

15:16 on Sunday, the last battle of this week took place. The temperature was 21 degC( the track temperature 37 degC), Race2 was held in slightly hot weather. He went into the race with a different setup than he had in Race 1 to keep up with the speed of the other manufacturers' machines. This choice proved to be the right one. So he moved up to 2nd on the second lap and raced in the top group. This category has a large number of participants, and the races are intense, with positions changing at every corner. It was the same for him. In a crowded field, he pushed for the podium. But on the last lap, he caught up in a rival's crash at the seventh corner. Unfortunately, he had to retire.

・Yuta Okaya

This year, my team has changed both in members and the way the race is conducted. I had a hard time getting used to it. I talked a lot with the new members from the test and finally got used to them during the race week. But this change is not negative. The arrival of a new engineer brought new suggestions, and as a result, we were able to try new things in the warm-up on Sunday that we had not tried before and set a good tone for Race 2. That is why I was so disappointed with the result of Race 2. But I have a good flow going into the next round, so I will win the next round.

Thank you for your continued support.


Result / WorldSBK web site SUPERPOLE RACE1 RACE2

Yuta Okaya goes to the world again this season with the aim of becoming the first Japanese series champion 2022 FIM Supersport 300 World Championship He will stay at MTM Kawasaki



Yuta Okaya reports that he will continue to challenge the FIM Supersport300 World Championship in 2022. He will stay with MTM Kawasaki and participate in the WorldSSP300, and he challenges to be the series champion with the team. This year is his fourth season, he has experienced many fierce battles so far, and he got the podium three times last year. Making use of his experience, he is aiming for the championship title this year. Please continue to support Yuta Okaya.

・Comments from Yuta Okaya

I will continue to challenge the FIM Supersport300 World Championship in 2022 from MTM Kawasaki. I will aim to win the title for the first time in Japanese, so please continue to support me.

■Yuta Okaya’s 2022 Season


・Class : World Supersport 300

・Team : MTM Kawasaki MOTOPORT

・Machine : Kawasaki Ninja 400

■WorldSSP300 Class Schedule

SCHEDULE → https://www.worldsbk.com/en/calendar





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