• Yuta Okaya
  • Place of Birth:Tokyo Japan
  • Date of Birth:12th July, 1999
  • Hobbies:sports, being active
  • Born in Tokyo, Japan 1999
    From 2007 at the age of 7, with influence from his father starts his riding career from a pocket bike. Then advancing to mini bikes, he became the series champion of NSF100 HRC Trophy at the age of 12. From that point on, coping with his schoolwork, competed in many local races like Tsukuba Course 1000.

    In 2016, to advance even more, he knocked on the door of Moriwaki Club. Being a high schooler back then, he traveled from Tokyo to Suzuka many times using his spare time to train and compete in a higher level of local racing.

    In 2018, he competed full time in the All Japan Road Race Championship J-GP3 class and snatches his first victory in his debut race at Motegi. Continuing on to win 3 races in the season and resulted 2nd overall in his rookie year.
    Also in the “MFJ MOTO AWARDS 2018” he received the “Rookie of the Year Award” in the J-GP3 class as the road racing special award.

  • 2018
    ・Full entry in All Japan Road Race Championship J-GP3 Class / 2nd overall
    ・Motegi Road Race Championship / Series Champion
    ・Tsukuba Road Race Championship
    ・Suzuka Sunday Road Race Championship
    ・MORIWAKI CUP Spot Entry / 7th
    ・Tsukuba Road Race Championship / Winner of Final Round
    ・Tsukuba Road Race Championship / 5th overall
    ・CBR DREAM CUP Suzuka Grand Championship / 4th overall
    NSF100 HRC Trophy Suzuka Grand Championship / Winner (All Japan)
    ・Tsukuba Course 1000
    ・Links Normal 50 class / Champion
    ・NSF100 HRC Trophy / Series Champion (4 wins out of all 9 rounds)
    ・Tsukuba Course 1000
    ・Motegi North Short Course
    ・NSF100 HRC Trophy / Series Champion (4 wins out of all 4 rounds)
    ・Tsukuba Course 1000
    ・Starts riding mini-bike
    ・Starts riding pocket bike

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